Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the scholarship programme offered by the 99x Academy.

  1. Selection Process:

    • Admission into the 99x Academy programme is based on an evaluation process.

    • Applicants who have completed their O/L or A/L examinations are eligible to apply.

    • Only those applicants who successfully pass this evaluation and entry criteria and selection of the respective university will be offered placements in the programme. Not all applicants will be granted scholarships.

  2. Scholarship Options:

    • Applicants may request one of the two options available:

      • a. Receive funding by 99x for their degree programme at selected universities*.  

      • b. Receive an attractive study allowance each month.

    • The number of opportunities for each option is limited. If the desired option is fully occupied, the applicant may be offered the alternative option. 99x retains the discretion to allocate the type of scholarship based on availability.

  3. Performance Requirements:

    • Scholarship students are obligated to maintain a satisfactory performance level as per the programme criteria. Evaluations will be conducted periodically by the 99x Academy.

    • Should a student fail to meet the required performance standards in any evaluation, 99x reserves the right to discontinue the scholarship offered.

  4. Academic Commitment:

    • To remain a beneficiary of the 99x Academy programme, all scholarship students are required to enrol in a graduate programme and sustain satisfactory academic results. Inability to meet this academic requirement may result in removal from the 99x Academy programme and discontinuation of the related benefits.

  5. Premature Exit and Repayment:

    • In order to maintain the integrity and mutual benefits of this initiative, students are expected to commit to a tenure of 5 years with the company, aligning with the duration of their academic program. This is to ensure a conducive environment for sustained growth and learning.

    • If a scholarship student chooses to exit the programme during the first 3 years due to their own intent, they will be liable to repay the direct investment provided by 99x Academy. However, the students are free to exit the program within the first 3 months without any penalty if he/she does not see the compatibility of the program with their career goals.

    • As a precondition for the scholarship, applicants must provide a guarantor who commits to the repayment obligation in the event the student exits the programme prematurely. The guarantor shall be legally bound to fulfil this obligation.

  6. Modification & Termination:

    • 99x Academy reserves the right to amend, modify, or terminate this scholarship programme at its sole discretion, without prior notice to the students.

  7. Acknowledgement:

    • By accepting a scholarship from the 99x Academy, the student and their guarantor agree to adhere to all terms and conditions.

If you require further clarifications please contact us through academy@99x.io

*Compatible degree programmes: Bachelor’s degree at Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka (IIT) or Bachelor’s degree at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)

Applicants are encouraged to review these terms and conditions thoroughly and seek appropriate advice if necessary before accepting the scholarship.

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